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USA government should steer like a business

After the election of united state of America american’s people eye on elected president Donald trump. Donald trump is a business man and recently he gave his arguments in his speech that his business success qualified him president of united state, which way I run my company I will run my country and we would struggle for a country according to people dream.
This statement of Donald trump about government would be steer like accompany has main headline of newspapers and social media that how a business man manage a country. Some people are criticizing him on social media and describing about detail statement of Donald trump speech. So the analyst analyse about his statement in a viral video that if a business man efficient for his company how is it possible he is proficient for run a government, its no doubt company get profit with lowest cost but there is not concept of profit and loss in government, aim of government is improve life of people provide better facilities.
An analyst recorded his video and publish a social media channel about difference between a company and government. Labor mission is to improve work in the company’s department and get benefits by efficiency of work and CEO of labor not prior to prefer maximize profits but think is that why Donald trump appointed former fast food CEO Andrew Puzder sectary of labor, he will only discuss about production of mechanical machine and low wages of employment, its not justice for a nation.
Another example is best Devos appointed by Trump head of the education department, he had suspended many years trying to privatize public school system and fought for teacher unions and spread charter school and spent her wealth for push laws for charter to get benefits and profits but she did not focus on student education, so a federal review 2015 tells us about lowest performance of school.